The LeVen


Voith Linear Jet

LeVen Yachts is proud to introduce the Voith Linear Jet (VLJ) to private yachting. Rigorously tested in challenging North Sea conditions, the VLJ offers full propeller protection, low noise and vibration, low maintenance and high efficiency. The ideal propulsion package for island explorers.

Slide Hull

Vripack’s patented Slide Hull gives LeVen blue water crossing capability. This innovative design directs water flow in a way that resembles going down a slide. Compared to a planing hull, the Slide Hull affords LeVen certain key advantages, such as: improved ride quality, reduced pounding, and no bow rise as the yacht gets up on plane. This, combined with twin MTU 12V2000 engines, gives LeVen the ability to reach speeds in excess of 26 knots.

Dutch Pedigree

The Netherlands. World-renowned for premium custom superyacht builds, and home to LeVen’s builder, Van der Valk (link to The Creators page) shipyard. The Dutch are masters of metal construction. Aluminum is their go-to material for constructing custom superyachts, due to it’s strength-to-weight ratio, durability, ease of maintenance and flexibility. Leven's Dutch mastery also extends to engineering and systems, from electrical to plumbing.

Silent Mode

LeVen connects you with nature. Discover a secluded cove, drop anchor, shutdown the generators and truly enjoy the sounds of the ocean. Your yacht is equipped with an intelligent lithium system capable of operating the entire yacht up to 8hrs in typical day time use and up to 12hrs at night. Everything from underwater lights to air conditioning are available to you in silent mode.

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